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The building of the camp commander (above in 2014) stands as part of the memorial on the site But firm evidence does exist of a series of macabre medical trials that began in the summer of 1942, when 75 of the youngest and fittest women — all Poles — were summoned to the parade ground, where SS surgeon Karl Gebhardt lifted their skirts and inspected their legs.As she sank under the anaesthetic, one of them repeated over and over: ‘We are not guinea pigs ...They were worked to death, starved, beaten, hanged, shot, gassed, poisoned, even burnt alive in the crematorium.In all, 130,000 passed through its gates, of whom 50,000 were slaughtered, though so few SS documents on the camp survive no one will ever know precise numbers.Then she clambered over five rows of barbed wire and a 15ft wall before fleeing into the forest.She was free for three days and nights, during which time all the other women in the punishment block were forced to stand at attention, without moving a muscle and without food.But worse perhaps even than these were the spine-chilling medical experiments carried out on the inmates.

They were being used in vivisection experiments to discover the best drugs for treating the war wounds of Germany’s soldiers.To aid the wholesale slaughter, Himmler now decreed that Ravensbruck should have its own gas chamber, which was built in January 1945. The women were pushed inside, 150 at a time, and the door shut.The camp had become overcrowded to breaking point and he needed to make space for even more prisoners, especially with the camps in the East forced to close. Then a canister of gas was thrown in from the roof.‘Rabbits’ who fought against what was being done to them, or screamed too loudly because of the pain or were no longer of any use, were put out of their misery with lethal injections or simply taken out into the forest and shot.The medical experiments were supposed to be top secret.

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