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” Striking a pose similar to Madonna in a music video and letting her voice take a deeper tone that she uses when she is at home with the family that doesn’t know she is transgender yet, Shannon says, “Maybe I could keep that ugly thing,” and adjusts her voice back to the soft, high pitch she prefers before saying, “But dessert is the only use this lady has for a cock.” Laughing so hard she almost falls down, Erica says, “Then zip me up so we can go find us some dessert sugar.” Deviance is any behavior that violates cultural norms.

As a result, it may take up to seven days for your post to appear, but usually it will take less than a day, and sometimes even immediately.

Due to problems with spam attacks--some even from those opposed to our cause--during certain periods, posts are moderated.” Laughing, Shannon said, “Well then I guess you better get that sex change soon honey because without makeup people might think you are still a boy.” Throwing a lipstick at Shannon, Erica said, “So does that mean you get to keep your penis just because you can do makeup?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 officially ended segregation, but Graham's parents didn't put it into practice in their own establishment 'until the early seventies, much later than it should have' been implemented, he admits.'They knew the way things were in the bar was wrong, and behind the times.

And I think we all knew that allowing it to continue corrupted not just the folks who wanted it to stay that way, or who quietly accepted the inequity but also those who were innocently exposed to it.''She didn’t even think the term was offensive. 'I told her to not say it again, and a little while later, I went to my parents and asked them to make a change. 'The next time a black customer came into the place, my mom opened a bottle of beer, set it down on the bar, and motioned for him to take a stool,' he said.

'I’ve never married I guess I attribute that to timing, too,' he writes at the end of the aptly titled e-book, My Story, a copy of which was provided to Daily Mail Online before tomorrow's release date.

Reflecting on his 60 years, he said, 'The opportunity never presented itself at the right time, or I never found time to meet the right girl, or the right girl was smart enough not to have time for me.

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