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2) Execute Simplex: This option will run the Simplex algorithm on the problem introduced in the previous steps:a window will be opened in seconds after this click with the final solution found and execution statistics.Simplex Algorithm Calculator comment that is not restricted from us about the extent of the problem and that the precise tolerance in the calculations is 16 decimal digits.

Como puede observarse, la última fila de la tabla está formada por elementos mayores o iguales que cero todos ellos, lo que significa que se ha alcanzado un óptimo.

Note that you can add dimensions to this vector with the menu "Add Column" or delete the "Delete Column" 3) Enter the matrix of constraints in the columns denoted by Ai.

Note that you can resize the problem using the menu "Add Row", "Add Column", "Delete Row" and "Delete Column" 4) Click the sign foreach constraint of the problem, 5) Enter the constraints vector in the column denoted by B.

El método simplex se aplica a la optimización (calculo valores máximos y mínimos) de funciones lineales sometidas a restricciones lineales.

Los valores se calculan en la región llamada la región factible la cual está determinada por las restricciones.

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