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Justice can be served when people educate themselves on the issues involved and let reason, rather than emotion, rule the day.

We seek justice not only for real victims, but for those who have been ajudged a child abuser when they have not abused anyone.

Esto aumenta la probabilidad de que el tiempo del delincuente con el niño sea bienvenido y fomentado.

El objetivo de la seducción es: El proceso de seducción no solo ocurre con la víctima deseada.

Estas personas establecen intencionalmente relaciones con los adultos que están alrededor del niño o buscan a un niño que puede tener pocos adultos en su vida.

In most cases, the presumption is made that the injurie(s) were non-accidental and therefore must have been inflicted by someone.

What is not commonly known is that in many of these cases, there is a gigantic dispute among medical experts as to whether a particular injury was accidental versus non-accidental or whether there is some non-abusive cause of the condition or injury.

The search for the truth regarding a child abuse allegation involves “The Law, the Science, the Myths, the Reality”.

No one wants a guilty child abuser to go unpunished.

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This site is dedicated to those who have been falsely accused of some type of child abuse and for the attorneys who represent them.

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