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Spring and autumn – October to December and April to June, respectively – are ideal times to visit Buenos Aires.However, at any time of year, be prepared for rain; heavy storms or a day or so of solid downpour.One enduring conundrum remains: should you take advantage of 15 hours of daily summer sun from January to March, or enjoy blustery winter walks on deserted beaches followed by tea next to a roaring log fire? Terrazas al Mar Terrazas al Mar has the coast on its doorstep, indoor and outdoor pools, and is situated just a few metres away from buzzing Avenida Bunge.It also has an excellent modern European restaurant and countless spa and beauty treatments.

Unlike the capital, which shuns its waterways and faces squarely inland, Rosario embraces its riverside location.Alongside the tea-coloured Río Paraná, you’ll find riverfront bars and boardwalks, residents lining up their kayaks and boats, and restaurants in which fish are a menu centrepiece, not just a hasty afterthought once all parts of a cow have been exhausted.Rosario's much-lauded claims to fame include the city being the birthplace of both Che Guevara and the nation’s flag.Some Rosarinos will tell you this is more the real deal than its touristy porteño counterparts, even if does attract the occasional celebrity, such as locally born football hero Lionel Messi.The huge, pack-’em-in dining room is a great place to sit among crowds of locals to share in the reverence for all things Rosario is located 300 kilometres north-west of Buenos Aires.

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Where else can you get your tango fix at practically any hour?

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