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The construction lasts four years, and alien race with the most points at the end wins. It was originally published only in Europe by Artipia Games, and it has been unavailable in retail channels throughout the rest of the world.Stronghold Games is proud to bring this game out for the North American, Asian, and Australian gamers!A unique map, featuring beautifully illustrated realistic art, is built by the players as they explore the wilderness, so no two games will ever play the same.Dive into caves, row canoes, cross bridges, climb mountains, and cut through treacherous underbrush as you stop at nothing – Components 15 Valley cards (which form the river) 79 Wilderness cards - 16 have three exits - 24 have four exits - 19 have five exits – 13 bridge cards, 6 lake cards - 20 have six exits – 6 hedge cards, 3 mountain cards, 3 woods cards, 3 trading post cards, and 5 bear cards 6 Player cards, which are paired with: 6 custom Meeples - Forrest (green) - Fozzie (brown) - Rocky (grey) - Sunny (yellow) - Vertigo (blue) - Violet (purple) 18 equipment tokens (3 of each item) - canoes - flashlights - machetes - picnic baskets - ropes - telescopes 8 Gold discs 1 Rule book Players: 2-6 Time: 15-30 mins Ages: 8 Stock: SG-0002 Contains: 6 Starting Character Tiles (for the 5th Player) 6 pink Player Cubes (for the 5th Player) 2 Location Boards (from Lisbon) 7 Characters with the new “Double Agent” ability 2 Mission Tiles 1 Rulebook Players: 2-5 Time: 45-60 mins Ages: 10 Stock#: SG-7060 , players are competing against each other to form the most powerful and influential secret organization of spies.

All expansions for Components: - 162 new cards — Ambassador cards — new Locations — new Objectives — new Alien race — new Conflict sets 17 tiles 1 printed box insert 1 rulebook Players: 2-4 Ages: 10 Time: 30 mins Complexity: Easy Stock#: SG-7030 , you must be the first to survive the treacherous wilderness and escape to the safety of the camp at the end of the valley.

The scientists programmed each of these Worlds with an individual set of laws and rules which the residents strictly follow and consider most important for their lives.

These may be exploration, consumption, economics, military, etc., and each is unique.

Both of these are linked here: Radho Runs Through – Full Game Run-Through: https://

v=8OSRbq Vq Sos Radho Runs Through – Final Thoughts Video: https://

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