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The impression I had was that we were leaving the West and entering the East; the most Western of splendid bridges over the Danube, which is here of noble width and depth, took us among the traditions of Turkish rule.was entirely imagined, although the Dublin-born Stoker almost certainly studied the region and its folklore at the British Museum in London.

But deep underneath the cathedral is something much more gruesome: catacombs filled with the bones of over 11,000 victims of the bubonic plague.During the winter, a thick, low-lying mist covers thick forests of pine trees and firs.Above the fog, you can see the silhouetted turrets and spires of ancient castles and fortified churches.Many of the old homes there still burn wood fires, adding to the smoky air, while the towns are filled with gothic and baroque buildings that were once beautiful, but are now marked by peeling paint and crumbling facades.It is common at night to hear howling in the forests, either from stray dogs or wolves.

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